"Oneness" is a documentary film about the current change of human consciousness from separation and suffering towards oneness, love and reconnection with the whole of creation. www.onenessfilm.com

Our crowdfunding event with WeMakeIt.com (Oneness and Beyond Campaign) of September/October 2018 was very successful and has allowed us to continue production of our independent documentary. We are currently in full editing mode and are expecting completion at end of this year (2019). The "Windows in Space/Time" images below were offered as possible reward choices for the higher category of contributions. These six images are still available for private purchase in support of our project. Click the ABOUTWIST button above for more information about the photos themselves or email us at info@jamesklinephotodesign.com

We wish to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to those who have been moved to contribute to our project thus far.

Fabienne Mathier and James Kline

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Please feel free to Contact us at: info@jamesklinephotodesign.com